Does Ontario Airport Have Long Term Parking?

Ontario airport is located a few miles from Ontario City. It’s also known as Ontario international airport. Ontario airport is the second biggest in Ontario with an estimated area of thirty-four square miles and comes after John Wayne airport. Ontario airport receives more than three million people every year. Ontario airport has got more than six airlines which connect Ontario City to other cities and to the rest of the world.

Ontario airport has got several terminals and various parking lots for both passengers and workers. Ontario international airport has got four parking perimeters which possess over five thousand spaces for cars to park. Ontario airport parking does not allow heavy trucks and trailers which do not fit with their standards of operation.

Ontario Airport

Longtime parking at Ontario airport Ontario airport has got long-term parking which is found at the off-site car parks which are a few meters from the short-term parking. Others are found in the city which allows passengers who travel to leave their cars safe. However, Ontario airport does not allow cars to spend more than a month in the parking, this will put your car at risk of being impounded at your expense. You can get the very ideal aroma that is not just unique for Ontario airport but one that is just awash with one of the best scenes you don’t want to miss. Parking fees at Ontario airport Ontario airport parking has got differences in their parking fees which differs by the time spent while parking and the location of the parking lot. The parking fees for lot three and lot one is $15 per day, parking lot three and parking lot four cost a $17 per day. There also parking discounts for frequent customers who park regularly, those who book the parking via reservations online and who take monthly offers.

Parking Security at Ontario airport

Ontario airport is so convenient and secure which will give you assurance to leave your car at our parking with no doubt. Ontario airport has got trained security personnel who monitor and patrol the parking lots to ensure maximum security for your cars from theft and all other forms of malpractices that can hinder your cars. Ontario airport also has got a quick response team which enforces security and respond mostly if there are emergencies such as robbery, fire, and theft. This ensures and guarantees security for your cars at Ontario airport. Ontario airport has got moderate traffic which and passengers which also makes it secure because of the small number of people which can be managed by security effectively hence maximum security for your cars in the parking lot.

Ontario Airport parking tips & tweaks

Conclusion However, Ontario airport has got its good history because of their parking security mostly for long term parking offers which has marketed it across the globe. Unlike other airports, parking at Ontario airport has very many privileges such as car washing and maintenance, car servicing for customers who take long term parking options which ensures value for money they pay for parking at Ontario airport.