Harvard College Observatory and Referencing

Harvard College Observatory was founded in 1839. This institute carries a wide spectrum of research programs including astrophysics and astronomy. HCO works in collaboration with Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

In this article, I am going to share with you all etch and bolts of Harvard reference generator.

What is the Harvard Reference Generator?

Harvard reference generator is a tool used to format all sources, citations, and references related to your work and make it compatible with Harvard References.

With this free tool, researches and students can use findings, quotations, and discoveries of other people as a part of their work without violating any copyright intellectual law.

This is a widely used tool in behavioural, natural and life sciences particularly in publications like a research paper, research articles, journals and assignments.

A brief discussion of the Harvard Referencing System:

Harvard Referencing is a Parenthetic system also called Author Name-Date system. In this system, only the name of the author and date of publications is mentioned.

Name of the author and date of publication is mentioned everywhere you have used a source and quotation.

This is a very authentic referencing system for researches and scholars for academic work. They just have to follow the name of the author to access their publications.

Main components of this referencing system are:

• Name of the author
• Date
• And page number of the source where necessary

Detail of the system:

This is an authentic citation formatting system based on two main constituents.

1. A reference catalog
2. In-text citations

A reference catalog:

The reference catalog comprises of all sources that you have used directly to get citations and references for your work.

This list has all Harvard references with an alphabetical arrangement. The reader and reviewer can easily check the reference for each phrase, quote, and findings used in your assignment or publication.

The reference list contains a detailed stuff about all prior research and findings related to your research topic. There are several institutes and universities you require a bibliography of citations as well. Do not worry at all, this catalog contains throughout data and material across the globe.

In-text citations:

In-text citations contain direct references wherever you have used their findings in your work in every line or in each paragraph including authors name, surname, book name, and the name of the publications closely related to your work.

These citations are used in the content wherever you have used exact phrase and quotations of others.

In-text citations are necessary to use with all copied phrases and sources, this helps the reader to access the publication of that particular author directly clicking the reference.

In this article, I have tried to summarize significant details of the Harvard reference generating tool. This is a free tool and quite helpful to get detailed citation s for your assignments, thesis, scientific articles, scientific papers, and other academic publications.

Certain formats and websites are available to sign in to Harvard referencing account. This is absolutely free. Sign up now and get comprehensive references for your work.

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